2018 was a very good year for Basit, a young mechanic who met his helper through a viral video of himself singing one of Wizkid’s song.

Video of Basit, an artisan working at a mechanic shop talking about Wizkid’s yet-to-be-released song ‘Gucci Snake’ went viral some years ago, which got to superstar, Wizkid who then posted it on his Instagram and Twitter pages.

Apparently, Wizkid was amazed by the video and moved that he tweeted about it and then promised the child, Basit he would be sending him to school.

“We sending Basit to school! Bring him to me,” he tweeted. The search for Basit didn’t take long as he later posted a short video of Basit looking cleaner on his Instagram stories with a quote “Found my Gucci boy! Daddy yo got you for life,” he wrote.

New photo of the young boy which surfaced shows that Star Boy fulfilled his promise to the young boy as he’s currently in school.

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