A woman has taken to social media to boast that she has finally captured her relative’s lover.
The woman shared the story on social media

A lady has been lambasted after she took to Twitter to boast of taking her relative’s man.

Boitumelox shared on her social media page details how she secured and took over her relative’s man after she died.

According to her, she and her relatives weren’t in good term before she died because her relative found out she was sleeping with her man.

Boitumelox while wishing her relative peace in the after live, revealed that the man is all hers, all thanks to her relatives death.

“My relative died and we were not in good terms because I slept with her man. RIP sis, he’s a now mine only finally”, she wrote.

Twitter users have not made things easy for her as they have dragged her to a filth.

See her post below:

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