The real details why Boko Haram terrorists attacked and beheaded several rice farmers in Borno have been given by the governor of the state.
Slaughtered Borno farmers

The Governor of Borno State, Babagana Zulum has given a reason why Boko Haram terrorists slaughtered farmers in Borno state.

According to him, the real reason is because the residents of the State exposed their members to the military.

Babagana, who stated this through his spokesman, Isa Gusau, dismissed claims that the people of the State were not cooperating or giving intelligence to the military.

Gusau, in a tweet, recalled that Boko Haram confirmed that its fighters killed Zabarmari farmers for giving out intelligence to the military.

He wrote: “This is one of many consequences of Borno peoples’ cooperation in years now. Many have died for giving intelligence to soldiers, yet the communities won’t stop. Many have followed soldiers to the battles and died, yet they won’t stop. Let us hear one idiot accuse the Borno people again.

“They said Borno people do not cooperate but here is the latest example; the Boko Haram just announced that they beheaded dozens of Zabarmari farmers for informing soldiers about their movement and for capturing one of their men and handing over to soldiers recently.”

Boko Haram had killed several rice farmers in Zabarmari, Jere Local Government Area of the state.

Claiming responsibility for the massacre, a commander of the terrorist group had said the farmers were killed because they apprehended their member and handed him over to the military.

Since the incident was made public over the weekend, the death toll has risen to about 110.

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