Nigerians have slammed the founder of Living Faith Bible Church, Bishop David Oyedepo for keeping silent on the raging #ENDSARSProtest.

Some angry Nigerians have directed serious criticism to the founder of the Living Faith Bible Church, Bishop David Oyedepo.

The Nigerians are angry that the man of God has refused to respond in the wake of the extrajudicial killings by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad.

Nigerians lamented that Oyedepo has the power to help in such situations but have remained silent.

However, some Nigerians dismissed the claim, stressing that the Living Faith founder was the most outspoken pastor in the country.

In a mixed reaction on Twitter, Nigerians maintained that Oyedepo has always spoken against bad governance in the country.

They made the call in a series of tweets gathered by DAILY POST, on Friday.

The tweets read below:

Valerie Chisom Okoligwe wrote on twitter; @Miss_magnolia20: “I attend Living Faith Church (winners chapel) but I’ll never understand why the Bishop doesn’t at least lend a voice to happenings that concern us. You aren’t just there to cater to our spirit man but us as a whole. You chose that responsibility when you answered God’s call. We Aren’t asking for too much, just please lend a voice. Please. No matter how hard we try, we can’t do this on our own. Please help us!!!

“I won’t let you snivelling cowards derail the conversation. I hold Bishop in the highest regard but it’s high time ALL religious leaders help us by lending a voice with their massive platform. We can’t win this fight on our own, its not possible. We need all the help we can get.”

@funshographix: “Bishop Oyedepo never speaks about the suffering of the Nigerians. Except if the government did something that affects his church business. Oyedope only cares about his money not if SARS is killing anyone. Just pay your tithes.”

Faulting the claim Nigerians added: @iam_Kingbuchi “I don’t attend living faith ooo, but you see bishop Oyedepo has always expressed his dissatisfaction about this government.”

@Ceorhemz: “Bishop Oyedepo is one of the Spiritual leaders that have spoken against the activities of the Govt and talked about issues facing Nigerians. He was criticised severely here for doing that. But I understand Slandering pastors on TL generate RTs. Enjoy the benefits and consequences.”

@thejohnmano: “Wait, I don’t understand, is it this same Bishop Oyedepo? Because I don’t understand what’s going on, this man literally warned us but no one listened. I’m not a religious person and I know this.”

@jossai55: “Calling Bishop Oyedepo is wrong.. don’t be emotional.. Oyedepo has been at the forefront against injustices and illegally killings by Fulanis and also calling FG out over the poor governance and nobody asked him before he was doing that.”

@Giwason09: “When bishop Oyedepo was warning us against Buhari, you said he was making too much noise. Now you’re in the soup and you’re saying he hasn’t used his platform. The other day, one daddy yo here said something he didn’t say. You guys lie a lot on this app and it’s very bad.”

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