Vaccines work by introducing pathogens into the body; so that our immune system would be better acclimated with the disease before an actual infestation of the body occurs.
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Too much exposure would pose a problem, just as well as not enough exposure; there’s a Goldilocks zone of balance that must be achieved, that is not too much or too little. People who grew up in rural areas, in slums/ghettos often have stronger, more adapted immune systems than upper class urban dwellers due to the exposure they had had as children. In fact, in some sense, those who had been overly protected from common communicable diseases would be at greater risk of dying from such illness in their adult years. Overprotection soon becomes a problem in one’s later years.

From my observation of our Afrikan society, vaccination is somewhat similar to parenting… Overprotection soon becomes a problem for the child in his adult years. He would be ill-equipped to cater for his problems outside the protective sphere of his over-indulgent parents. Children must be vaccinated with the appropriate doses of the harsh truth of reality, so that their emotive and mental health would be better acclimated with the problems of life before an actual infestation occurs. Just as with vaccination, too much exposure would pose a problem, just as well as not enough exposure. There’s a Goldilocks zone of balance that must be achieved.

Due to the high rate of crime and social vices in our Afrikan society, most parents are often tempted to overprotect their wards at their ultimate detriment. These parents never want their kids to grow up or cater for themselves, and this has created a new generation of overly dependent adults who have to consult with their parents for each and every decision; a new generation of children having children of their own. These children become like apprentice who never earn their freedom and independence. And often enough, the lives of these mama’s boys & daddy’s girls take a downhill turn when their parents retire, or require care themselves in their old age, or die. Like a parasite whose host had died or become too impoverished to provide for their needs, these children are all of a sudden left to face the harsh realities of life alone. They are then more prone mismanage their inherited wealth and connections, if any. Contrary to what a lot of parents assume, overpampering your child does not start with spoiling them with gifts and goodies; it starts with never letting them make decisions and choices for themselves. It starts with keeping them locked up all day at home, being raised by the television with no true knowledge of how the real world works.

I first realized the effect of this overprotection in my own life and in those of friends and acquaintances in similar shoes during my undergraduate years in Owerri. I came to realize that adults who had been overprotected as children tend to behave like caged animals that had been newly released; either they are easily led astray or they never make out the time to make valuable and relevant friends and acquaintances that would prove fruitful in the future.

This situation of overprotection has graduated into ridiculous proportions in our so-called “private institutions” that have turned undergraduates into glorified primary school pupils. Contrary to the mainstream opinion, these institutions have become breeding grounds for narcotics abuse, violent cults and online prostitution. Being kept in a walled environment all of their lives, the greater proportion of these children subconsciously resent their parents and consciously act this out in their wanton, yet cloaked rebelliousness. Never ever being allowed to make their own decisions, they are more likely to misuse every opportunity to purposefully direct their choices, and hence their lives.

I would indulge all parents to understand that their wards are gifts from the Universe, and not personal properties to seclude and confiscate. Children present an opportunity to relearn life again with new eyes as we educate them with the objective truth, and not an opportunity to clone your ideologies and arbritrations into another human being. Parents must resist the powerful temptation of wanting to live two lives through their wards. You must realize that no matter how much they look and sound like you, they are not you and have their own personal lives to lead. You must remember to raise up your children in the way they should go and when they are old enough, you must depart and let him be; trusting well in the wisdom you had cultivated in their minds in the time they had been with you. You must resist the ridiculously strong peer-pressure of wanting to abuse your children as objects of pride to placate your ego.

Parents must understand that love is not a cage; love is not to be confused with obsession, control or addiction. Whatever or whomever is the subject of our love must be loved in such a manner that they feel free. You must understand that the caged pet does not truly love its master; it is just trapped by the said master, and when presented with the opportunity, would often flee in search of freedom. Parents must realize that the nestling that never leaves it nest would never learn to fly, and would be forever dependent on its providers. As Yeshua the Christ had advised in the Synoptic gospels, we must learn from the birds of the air; from Mother nature. Your wards are to be nurtured, not captured. They are to be educated as free souls and not “trained” like house pets.

Remember, we must all endeavour to vaccinate our children with appropriate doses of the truth; so that they would be better equipped to cater for life’s problems and for you in your old age, in their later years. Not to do so would be raising another emotionally and mentally unhealthy adult who would grow up to become a parasite unto you.

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