In the early Christian Church, there was a fierce battle between the Gnostic doctrines and philosophy, and the accepted doctrines of the early church priests and bishops that is today’s “Christianity”.

Despite the persecution of the Gnostics and other schools of thought on the life and message of Yeshua the Christ by the Roman instituted church fathers and leaders, their philosophies still found a way to infiltrate the accepted and instituted gospels and letters that would constitute the New Testament books today. The early Gnostics were labelled heretics and faced torture, execution, prison, defamation, exile and all other sort of heinous acts.

During the era of the Crusades in the Middle Ages, there was a revival of the Gnostic teachings after thousands of European soldiers and workmen stormed the Levant and were exposed to earlier understandings of the Christian faith. Documents and artefacts that were retrieved from the Holy Lands, and were contrary to the instituted authority and opinions of the Church were impounded, destroyed, re-edited to ensure that they were forever out of the reach of the general flock. Today, the Roman Catholic Church still possesses miles upon miles of these forbidden documents that are locked away from public eyes in the Vatican Villa Library. The Knights Templar and other societies that preached a new understanding of Christianity from their travels to the Holy Lands, were hunted down and massacred.

When Latin and ancient Greek in which the gospels and letters of the New Testament were originally written and copied became obscure and fell out of majority usage, the Bible books were forbidden by the early church fathers to be translated into the local parlance of the people for fear of these Gnostic themes in the very Bible today becoming revealed, and disrupting the already instituted dogma of the church. Tyndale and others who had translated the Bible into local European languages were heavily persecuted and murdered by the church; their translations and interpretations were hunted down and destroyed. Imagine a world where church leaders protect Christianity by murdering and torturing other Christians for trying to spread the very words of Christ himself.

The Gnostics taught that Yeshua, the Christ was a prophet and a healer; an epitome of the true God’s glory on earth. Those who followed his teachings and philosophy would ignite the “Christ” within them and be anointed once more into the truth of the Universe and life. They taught that the human body is the temple of God, and our Minds, God’s throne. And that the key to freeing this Godhood locked within each and every human being like Yeshua had done, was the truth of God, life and the Universe being hidden from the general public to subvert their minds and the power of God within them; to ensure they are inured to a system of control and mental slavery. “The truth shall set you free.”

The flat surface of the human skull between eyes and the forehead is today called the “temple”, and corresponds to the location of the pineal gland sitting in the very middle of the human brain. Mystics, psychedelic medicine users and the earliest faiths of humanity have long revered this tiny piece of gland. It has been long called the “third eye/the Mind’s eye”, and it is indeed a vestigial eye whose actual purpose still marvels human medicine till date. To open this “third eye” was to see the truth that was always hidden in plain sight. Renaissance philosophers and naturalist referred to this pineal gland as the seat of the soul.

According to the Gnostics, we are all made in the exact image and likeness of God; the Source. We are all clones of God in human disguise. We are spirit beings who are not of this physical earth, on a soul journey through life back to the Source. The physical world is the creation of the Demiurge; the collective Ego of humanity. This world is a collective dream held in control and sustaince by the lesser false God the Marcionites called the Demiurge. The human Ego in each and everyone of us is the deceiver; the devil, and the ultimate source of this false reality that is the physical world and hence all of human suffering. We all worship this false lesser God of the flesh and body instead of the true God of the intangible human soul and mind. God & Satan are not external beings, but aspects of the human consciousness. God reveals the Truth and the Good news of human existence whilst the Devil hides this Truth and slanders knowledge, leading to all the evil in the world. God is the Good in you; the Devil is the Evil in you.

These Gnostic teachings are much more older than Yeshua, the Christ and it’s themes permeate the oldest faiths in the world; from Hinduism to Zoroastrianism, to ancient Judaism, to the ancient Egyptian cults, to Hermeticism, to our very own indigenous sub-Saharan Afrikan faiths. In fact, in pre-colonial Igbo traditions, we are all chi (soul) sent from the stars by Chi’ukwu/Chi’Uwa on a journey through lifetimes back to this very Source of creation and the Universe. Yeshua the Christ and his cousin, John the Baptist were murdered for their Gnostic views and their teachings on the apocalyptic revelation of this hidden Truth. The very word “apocalypse” means “revelation/uncovering”.

The word “Gnostics” stems from the Greek word “gnosis” which translates to “knowledge”. As opposed to the instituted church authority who wanted the congregation to “believe” in God, the Gnostics wanted the people to “know” God for their own selves. And since God sits in the human Mind, to know God was to know one’s own self, to know one’s own Mind as instructed by the ancients. As the wise King Suleiman had written in his books of Jewish proverbs, Wisdom and the Truth are to be sought at all cost. The faith of those who know God and hence themselves, lead them through life’s journey back to God. The false faith of those who do not know themselves and hence only profess a belief in God, manifests as fear which blinds and misleads them on their path back to the Source.

The fearful, seeking security in numbers, follow the crowd through the wide road where nothing grows to their destruction; the destruction of God, Love, Light, Wisdom within them. The faithful, filled with truth, ignite the light of Christ within them which brightens their journey through the narrow path others are afraid to take. They climb through the mountain of ignorance and arrogance of the human Ego to reach God at the top. They become Christ, anointed saviours whose lives guide and save others from the troubles of ignorance and arrogance in their own journey through life. Only then do we atone for our trespasses, and become at one with God.

The fearful, saturated in their Ego, filled with nothing but the air of ignorance and arrogance, hate truth and work hard to encase it up in the lies of belief. The truth always shines through underneath the layers of lies for those whose third eyes are open to see. The fearful, like sheep, are so inured and dependent on the very system that enslaves their mind, that they would fight to remain slaves when offered a path to freedom. They are so used to a system that abuses them. They have the Stockholm syndrome, and like the dumb sheep, they feel the shepherd truly cares for them, unaware that the shepherd is only after their wool, meat and milk. They are so afraid of getting lost, that they remain lost in the crowd, never truly knowing themselves or God, never having a Mind of their own to obtain Truth for themselves.

The Gnostic books of the Bible do preach of a coming apocalypse; a revelation of all truth that remain hidden. They tell of a time when the Truth and Christ shall return to humanity; the Second Coming, and a destruction of the Old World ruled by the false God of the Ego. A new Kingdom to be governed by the Christs and the true God of Wisdom, Light & Love shall reign. Society shall be set free by the truth. This New World shall be ushered in by the faithful who sought after Truth and Light at all cost, and when they find it are consumed by its power. They burn bright with the light of this revealed truth, and ignite the same fire in others. The night may be long, but the light always prevails; no matter where it is hidden.

The truth knocks my child; let it come into your heart and ignite the light of Christ in you. Remember, the truth is “known”, but lies are “believed”. To believe is to have blind faith which is product of a fearful mind that has dug its head into the sands to avoid the truth at all cost. The truth can only be seen by those whose Mind’s eye has been open; those who are awake whilst others sleep. Know your Mind; own your Mind. Only when the Ignorance and Arrogance of the Ego is defeated does one know God. This Knowledge is not free though, you must pay attention in this school that is life.

Are you part of the faithful, or one of the fearful, my dear child?

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